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tv   Local 10 News Saturday 6PM  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> right off the top, a hit-and-run crash. >> it happened either this morning. >> michael has the latest. >> right now two of the victims remain in the hospital. got a chance to catch up with the mom who told me her here. she has a broken leg, expecd to make a full recovery. police are still searching for that driver. tonight, ruby isryingg to stay strong. right now her daughter, fran brown is in the hospital after
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became victims of a crash. in fact, this man suffered multiple injuries, but was released from the hospital late saturday morning. ruby's daughter could be in the hospital several days. >> lacerations, she has bruises all over her body. >> reporter: any broken bones or anything? >> yes, her leg. >> reporter: it all hand around 3:30 this morning. this chevy pulled up to the liquor store. some of the passengers went inside to buy alcohol. on the way back they were getting into their vehicle, when they were rear ended by a mercedes s.u.v. >> the driver remains on itrun. the driver showed no remorse. >> he got out of the car and said what the hell was that.
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right thing, it's only right, because you have family members also. >> reporter: the victim said the hit-and-run driver she believes was uncomfortable of alcohol, because he drove up on the curb before he slammed into their car. a south florida apartment goes up in last name forcing a family with several pets out. it happened at an apartment complex on southwest 10th street on martin luther sinin avenue in vera beach. intended contained to the first unit on the floor. three people and five cats made it out okay. a live look outside now from
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it was so nice, shining. >> patients word of another cold front. against -- apparently word of another cold frfnt. >> we have showers and thundershowers moving in from the west over the past shower, creeping into the western parts of broward and muhammad.d. the real rain is still back towards the west. you can see the leading edge in miami-dade. as far as the florida keys it's been a wet wet afternoon here. once this front moves through, boy, are we going to see some big c cnges. the wind sets in, 20 to 30 mileses per hour. a chilly sunday on the way. mid-70s.
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mid-50s here across south florida. even older temperatures on the horizon. we'll tell you about that. police and emergency responders spent their saturday preparing for a dangerous situation that could potentially put people's lives on the line. >> reporter: we're talking about unpressing dented training bringing law enforcement and medical teams from across south florida preparing for an emergency situation if it were to happen in our area. wewe had a number of truckss pulling in. it will be a fake terrori inside when a baseball game is supposedly under way. this is a drill, only a drill, but absolutely as real as possible. deputies, officers, agents,
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shield goes down. the casualty count rises. more than 300 volunteers playing the role of victims and hostages training organizations from around our area, important in the event of a shooting or massive situation. >> training together, coming together as one and this is what we've been preparing for for quite some time. >> reporter: the premise, a sleeper cell activates, targeting a government center, hijacking a plane, threatening to take out the bridge at the coast guard station and a ballgame. >> sometimes we see things around the world, first thing that comes to our mind is are you ready. >> reporter: real life possibilities they would to be
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>> the difference today is there's a collaboration of police and fire that has never taken place before. >> reporter: so that last exercise is expected to start at 7:00. if you're in the area of marlin park, you'll want to stay calm. emergency-related going on here. just a drill. we've seen the casualties showing up. we'll bring you video of that tonight at 11:00. a family held htage in pensacola is talking about the ordeal. the couple was wanted for a crime spree. while on the run they forced their way into this home traiking three hospital edge while they figured out their next move. >> i'm having to comee to terms with it.
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quiet and asleep most of the time. that would have made it a very different situation. >> authorities eventually stoppedhem in the panhandle. police say one person is deadad and at least seven oers injuries at a tampa strip club. three of the victims were women. a tampa police spokesperson said the injuries were minor to serious. a man was shot dead in a publix. they saw a white volkswagen up took off. no one else was hurt. new controversy on the campaign trail. imaginethat. this time in new hampshire, they're ready to debate. one of them isn't going to be
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yikes at least 40 people are dead after a 7.1 earthquake hit taiwan. the official news agencies says 153 people are still missing. surveillance video from inside a store shows the moments that the earthquake hit. the interior minister said the safety of the building witl be investigated. more than 200 people have been rescued from that build be. at least 484 people have been injured. a deadly crane collapses in new york city.
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termine why it collapsed. it was hit with gusts off wind and snow and it gave way, killing a education. they've already -- pedestrian. recorder. >> i i will likely give us the at that time. if it gives us more than that they'll be an extra. i don't want to set expectations too high. also injured several others and injured several cars in the area. the new hampshire primary is on. it's also debate night, which is just hours away right here on local 10. the stage is said for what is expected to be a slugfest. the republicaca candidate words back on the slump. they're facingff for the last primary.
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see a -- you'll see a difference. between those who are prepared to lead and those just continuing to talk. >> reporter: the latest polling shows donald trump followed by marco rubio. the target on his back is getting bigger. >> he's willing to make deals with the -- >> they still hope they can have a repeat of iowa. manchester. >> reporter: hillary clinton went door-to-door trying to shore up support. fighting for momentum as she leads bernie sanders in the latest national poll, but is bebend in granite state. >> if we can bring out a decent
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work win -- confident we can win. >> if you ever doubted it was rigged look what's going on tonight. sorry, i thought votes counted in elections. >> seven of the republican candidates will facing off at 8:00 tonight. you can watch it right here and onlini at a starving sea lie looking for food in an unusual place. we'll show you how he finally got his meal. coming up in weather, we're going to be cold yet again after a warm saturday.
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a california restaurant received a specialuest when a sea lion shows up and takes a nap in its booth. the staff spotted the sea lion club thursday. it may have been no coincidents she showed up at a restaurant. they are working on getting her back to full health, so she can get back in the wild. >> you know who else is angry? all three of us. you can tell the super bowl is around the corner.
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nights to order in. it's going downhill fast. you can see the live shot. it was beautiful earlier today. the clouds moved in and eventually the showers will move into miami-dade county and broward county as well. you can see the current sweeps going around. heavier rain through dade, broward and palm beach counties. these are slowly progressing through and will take a few more hours to get into the metropolitan area before a quick radar zoom. a lot of this is north of broward. rain still stretching towards the ever grades. out. you can see the heavieses now passing the overpass higigay and
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they're trying out, but a few more showers not out of the question overnight. a very warm southeast breeze. that is going to chango in a hurry by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. we're in the mid-70s. mid-60s. lows tomorrow will be pretty uniform. the wind will be howling. 54 along the coast, 52 red land, 53, coral gables.s. even marathon and key largo fall into the uer 50s. showers likely. we're talking 80, 90% overnight.that cold front pushes through. windy and control with temperatures dropping by monday. we can see this area of low
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it's going to be a wet night. some in broward could pick up a couple inches of rain by tomorrow morning. most of the rain will be done by 6:00 in the morning. clouds will linger till about noon and then sunshine. winds will be northwest at 25 mile per hour and look what happens on monday. we'll take up to the low 40s, and we're going to stay cool at least through wednesday. will? >> thanks. next in sports, history with a triple double in his hometown last night.
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for more delicious recipes visit the miami heat where final home after a brutal month. they're back at the american airlines arena tomorrow to host the clippers. you can watch right here on local 10. the heat getting history from white sideline. he cut off the bench, put up a triple double in his hometown of charlotte. he had 10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 blocks and he seems to be just fine coming off the bench. >> just come in andhatever coach gives me, i'm just going
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kind of play the best and be the best i can be. >> they do that, again, tomorrow. they're final home. it'slso a game you can see right here on local 10. start your super bowl-party early with us, 1:00 pregame show, then the clippers game, then the postgame show, then followed by local 10 news. panthers in action tonight looking to make it six straight wins. during the last four games they scored at least five goals in each contest. that is a team record. not even the all-star break can slow this team down. >> definitely, i think wefigured out our identity. took a little bit. last year towards the end of the year we kind of figured and knew we had something that could be something special.
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penguins. they had to pull their goalie and 6-3 losses to snap the four-game winning streak. the indication tend greg olson and snoop dog posing for a photo earlier in the week. they're a brother from another mother. but what about that thing on his face, that beard? >> the season's over. next week this will be long gone. my wife's not crazy about it, but she's a team player. personallyt's not ideal, it's not my best work, it' not practical to do normal things with, but this isn't a beauty pageant. >> he's right about that. >> clean cut will probably be
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panthers win. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right theree i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's suchch small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. st text1 italics cc1 test message welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." the high stakes showdown right here in new hampshire about to begin.n the republicans prepping for the
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their last chance to plead their case. we have the all-access pass, just moments away. the candidates stepping up their game. >> i almost want to just go in and pray. >> and stepping up the attacks. >> he's willing to breakis word to the voters. >> just three days until new hampshire, voters weigh in, and the results could send some packing. the urgent new warning about one of the biggest scams in america. fake phone calls demanding back taxes, threatening arrest. why you're more vulnerable now than ever. and tonight, the health alert for women. do not drink alcohol. now, the growing backlash and the apology. and the other big showdown. super bowl 50. the game planan the security preps and who is the new name added to the halftime show? good evening from new
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joining us on one of the most
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